Thursday, December 15, 2011

Anna Doing Her Thing

This is a quick sketch for one of my lacrosse players who is leaving high school early for college to play field hockey. I usually do a drawing for each of my seniors and she was disappointed that she wasn't going to be playing this spring and would miss out on her drawing. Hockey is her main sport anyway.

Great kid, very happy for her.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Latest Commission—The Woods

Commission work for my friend's daughter as a gift for her boyfriend.

Monday, November 28, 2011

New Drawing—Recovery

This is the second boat I have drawn for this client.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Opportunity to do Something Good

I had a great opportunity this summer to work with a friend of mine in Chicago on a project for Father Flannigan's Boys' Town. My friend Erin was looking for an illustrator to create images for the annual fund raiser and she chose me to to do the work.

This was a treat for me. I got to work with Erin (great person, great designer) who I met along with a group of other designers at the HOW design conference 10 years ago. Our group has maintained contact and we often collaborate or discuss projects. The ultimate customer, Boys Town is a great charity and the founder, Father Flannigan, is a fellow Mount St. Mary's alumni.

Here are the original sketches along with the finished illustrations. In another entry, I will post Erin's final designs, which made my pictures look great and made them effective stickers and promotion graphics. Way to go Erin! If you get these in the mail, you will know the back story. Don't forget to give to Father Flannigan's Boys' Town.

Holiday Card Art

Just finished the illustration for this year's company holiday card. This is a Photoshop painting. I will upload stage images to show the process later. For now, here's the picture

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Arts in Easton Banner Program

2011 Marks 10th Anniversary
New This Year - Online Bidding

Press Release from Avalon Foundation about the banner program. Come bid on my banners! or go online and make a bid

EASTON, MARYLAND – October 28, 2011 – Enjoy Easton as an outdoor gallery. One of the most distinguished art opportunities is on display again this year with fresh artwork in downtown Easton, MD. Artists, art enthusiasts, locals and visitors may stroll through downtown Easton and enjoy the original works of art hanging from the lampposts. Each banner has two sides of unique art for all to enjoy. Placards are located at eye level on the lampposts to help identify the artists and their banners.

Celebrating its 10th year, The Arts In Easton Banner Program has 45 artists participating who have created 88 pieces of fine original artwork on banners of canvas material. Whether amateur or professional, their work adds depth to the experience and enjoyment of this charming small town.

The artists who participate in the program are representative of the hundreds of working artists in the area. This year we have expanded the program to include new banner artists to better demonstrate the talent in the community. There are artworks available this year from artists who have never participated in the program as well as returning artists.

Posters with all of the banners represented are available at the Avalon Theatre (40 E. Dover St.), Banner & Auction Guides (with map) will be available November 1 at the Avalon Theatre, Talbot County Visitors Center (11 S. Harrison St.) and the various galleries in Easton. Pick up a free guide to help you identify the banners and corresponding artists.

New this year – online bidding
Banners may be bid on in advance of the auction! Visit the newly developed website, to learn all of the details about this fun and exciting community program. Follow the simple instructions to start bidding on your favorites!

The banners will be auctioned at a lively free event with light fare, drinks and music, at the Waterfowl Festival Building, on Saturday, December 10th from 7pm to 9:30pm. Most of the artists attend the auction offering a great opportunity to talk shop with the creators of your favorite works. Kathy Hanna, Avalon Foundation Events Manager, said, “This is a most exciting and fun community event with exhilarating art available for purchase…a happening you do not want to miss.”

The banners are 30” x 40” and may be displayed or framed with or without the wording at the bottom (examples on website). They can be used indoors or outdoors and make great gifts. Patrons purchase banners for many reasons, the civic pride element, a chance to own unique original artwork, they are collectors and for gifts. Don’t miss the opportunity to support the community and own one or more of these fine pieces.

The Arts In Easton Banner Program is the work of the Avalon Foundation and is designed to help promote local artists, the arts in Easton and Easton as an arts destination. Proceeds from the auction benefit participating artists and support the work of the Avalon Foundation.

Banners may be previewed in advance of the auction (see website for times). Stopping by to see the banners prior to Saturday’s bidding frenzy is a great idea. People are often surprised by how many banners they have never seen before. Silent auction bids may be made during preview hours.

For all the particulars about The Arts In Easton Banner Program & Auction, visit…open 24 hours a day!

Monday, November 14, 2011

IF: Silent—Beagle at Rest

Haven't done Illustration Friday for a while. I needed to sketch a little today so that I could warm up for some commissioned drawings I need to get started. Baylee is our new beagle pup. She is often very noisy, but—as most babies do—she crashes hard. For a brief time she is SILENT, but then starts to snore contently.

Drawing was done with China Marker on white card stock. Pretty basic stuff here. The Old Dog goes Old School.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Banner Website

The Avalon Foundation has added a new website for the banner program at You have to click through to view the banners. The auction is coming up December 10th and I have two banners for bid. If you can't come to the auction in person, you can go online and make a bid.

If you are in Easton, my banners are outside Gracies on Goldsboro street near Out of the Fire and General Tanukes. Take a look. The oriole would be a great gift for the bird lover or O's fan in your life. I'm banking on some of my lax friends to make a great sale of my lacrosse players. If you want to have the number changed or team name added to the jerseys, I can paint over what is there at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Customized art! what a great Christmas present that would be.

Make a bid today or come to the Waterfowl Festival building in December for the live auction.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BFA is just around the corner

Come out to Wilmington, Delaware this weekend for the Brandywine Festival of Arts. Go to for all the details. My booth will be along the railroad track, just in front of the music venue (it was a great spot last year). I have lots of new work that I have been posting here, so come out and see it (maybe even buy one!).

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Activity—Oriole painting

Hunkered down in the house to ride out Irene. Here's what I painted today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunny Morning Dog

After a tough weekend of trying to get inspired, I settled on this subject for the latest painting. I took some pictures of dogs playing in the surf at Dewey Beach on vacation. I thought this made a pretty good image. I included a couple of step photos to see it develop.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Beach Painting—Although Not of the Beach

I have been holding on to this idea for a while and wanted to get it done for the BFA. I had some source photos, so I took them down with my portable easle to the beach last week and put paint on canvass. Som of my observers were a bit confused wondering where I was seeing a river scene with a heron while looking out to the Atlantic. Made for interesting conversation.

Beach Painting--last week

I painted three paintings at the beach last week. One I gave to Barbara—The Don of Dewey. This is one for BFA (almost here!) of the dunes. Got to get busy!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Banner Website

The website for this year's Arts in Easton Banners is up and offers the ability to bid on-line prior to the end of the program. There are some really fantastic paintings to see. If you are in the Easton, Maryland area, it is a lot of fun to walk around town and look at the artwork in person.

Go to and click through to the banner program. Hope you come and see them.

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Painting—Oxford Path

Latest painting finished. Have to get going on creating stock for BFA! September will come quickly. Working on several other projects and now lax is done for the season. Getting busy.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Banners are done!

Finished up the other side of the banner for the Arts in Easton Banner program. I need to hit them with some varnish before delivering tomorrow or Wednesday (deadline). I love lacrosse and this is a bit indulgent. The Oriole side is the real money side, but hopefully these will both get me some attention around town. I hope I get a nice shady spot!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pick 3 Plein Air Entries

I came across the entry for this year's Pick 3 Plein Air competition in Easton almost by accident. I have been really busy and didn't decide until the last moment to enter. With my schedule in mind, I purchased two 11 x 14 canvases with the intention of keeping things small and simple.

When I took my whopping $15 entry fee and my two canvases to the Talbot Arts Council gallery, the lady working there was almost smug about the size of my entry. My original thought was to keep it small and simple. However, my inclination is always to get too detailed. Although I fought myself, the images are still a bit jammed.

The first was painted on a Saturday at the local Farmer's Market. I drive by this daily, but Saturday is the day when all of the color comes out. I intentionally left out any people—thinking that would simplify things. Of course I included every flower and shingle. I am very happy with the outcome.

The second I painted yesterday in Oxford at Cutts and Case Boatbuilders. This scene has been painted many times by local and national plein air painters. So perhaps it is a bit trite. I don't care. I was joined by a little 6 year old girl on her bike "Daisy" for a good bit of the time. Ed Cutts came out later in the day offering great conversation and the best bottle of water I've had in a while. We went to the same high school and caught up a bit.

My wife observed that I really enjoyed the social aspect of this kind of painting. I agree. I mostly work alone and this is a refreshing change. I had lots of interesting and delightful conversations.

The show begins on Friday, with awards at 7pm. The big prize is that the top 3 get entered into the big Plein Air painting competition later in the summer. Check out the Avalon Foundation for more on this.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Very Busy--Annual Lax Drawings

Each year I give the senior girls who play for me a pencil drawing from an action photo of them. My friend George provided the source images and I drew them. Here they are...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

IF:Stir--Oriole on a Dogwood

This little bird will hardly stir on the branch waiting for a meal or hiding from hunters. This is an oil painting that I finished last night as one of two sides for our town's banner arts program. I can't believe that it will hang on a post outstide for six months in all kinds of harsh weather before being sold!

I am really happy with the finished result. The piece is 24" x 22" oil on canvas.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Finally Delivered

One of the projects I was working on was finally delivered, so I feel comfortable putting it up here. I wish I had a better picture because I really liked the finished product. These are two dogs of a co-worker/friend. She loves them very much and told me that I captured all the right things. That makes me happy.

Here are the Jones boys.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The role of a graphic artist

For the most part, I have been able to accomplish goals I set when I was younger through the first half (wishful thinking) of my life. In most cases I've had to take the "road less traveled" to get there and the picture was often a blurry resemblance of my vision. But I've gotten close.

As a kid, I wanted to do two things—become an Air Force officer and make a living as an artist. I wanted to be a pilot, but ended up as an Aircraft and Munitions Maintenance officer where I worked around aircraft and on the flightline.

I have been making my living using my artistic ability for most of my adult life when I wasn't in the Air Force. When I was in the USAF, I used my talents as much as possible as well. My vision was to be a painter and illustrator working in a studio full-time. The reality is that I have made it work being a graphic artist for a health care company while working on the side as a designer and illustrator. I have also worked for a long time as a fine artist drawing and painting.

Recently, I've been working harder on my painting and drawing.

I was describing my approach to my work to a co-worker recently. I said that when I work as a fine artist, I do what I want in the style that I want. People who commission artwork, do so seeking my style and my vision to their subject. When I work as a graphic artist, I have to put aside my own vision and become the conveyor of my client/customer's vision.

This creates a tough situation. Often, my customer presses for a solution where the message and the visual aren't in synch, or for an inappropriate or outdated approach. I give them my best thoughts, but they usually just want what they want. This leaves me with the task of creating my best effort to provide the wrong solution. This illustration is a perfect example.

In this setting, I hope it is a cute cartoon. I am not inclined to create trite images in my old age, but the cartoon is not too bad when removed from the context it illustrates.

I have been working on some paintings and drawings that I have to wait to post until they are delivered. I also want to post some illustrations I did for a book, but I need to see if the authors are concerned about putting something out before the book is created. I have been busy, but need to get more busy.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beau's First Hunt

This is a drawing that I did from a photograph of Beau's first hunt for my daughter's boyfriend for Christmas.