Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Opportunity to do Something Good

I had a great opportunity this summer to work with a friend of mine in Chicago on a project for Father Flannigan's Boys' Town. My friend Erin was looking for an illustrator to create images for the annual fund raiser and she chose me to to do the work.

This was a treat for me. I got to work with Erin (great person, great designer) who I met along with a group of other designers at the HOW design conference 10 years ago. Our group has maintained contact and we often collaborate or discuss projects. The ultimate customer, Boys Town is a great charity and the founder, Father Flannigan, is a fellow Mount St. Mary's alumni.

Here are the original sketches along with the finished illustrations. In another entry, I will post Erin's final designs, which made my pictures look great and made them effective stickers and promotion graphics. Way to go Erin! If you get these in the mail, you will know the back story. Don't forget to give to Father Flannigan's Boys' Town.

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