Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Banner Website

The Avalon Foundation has added a new website for the banner program at You have to click through to view the banners. The auction is coming up December 10th and I have two banners for bid. If you can't come to the auction in person, you can go online and make a bid.

If you are in Easton, my banners are outside Gracies on Goldsboro street near Out of the Fire and General Tanukes. Take a look. The oriole would be a great gift for the bird lover or O's fan in your life. I'm banking on some of my lax friends to make a great sale of my lacrosse players. If you want to have the number changed or team name added to the jerseys, I can paint over what is there at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Customized art! what a great Christmas present that would be.

Make a bid today or come to the Waterfowl Festival building in December for the live auction.

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