Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pick 3 Plein Air Entries

I came across the entry for this year's Pick 3 Plein Air competition in Easton almost by accident. I have been really busy and didn't decide until the last moment to enter. With my schedule in mind, I purchased two 11 x 14 canvases with the intention of keeping things small and simple.

When I took my whopping $15 entry fee and my two canvases to the Talbot Arts Council gallery, the lady working there was almost smug about the size of my entry. My original thought was to keep it small and simple. However, my inclination is always to get too detailed. Although I fought myself, the images are still a bit jammed.

The first was painted on a Saturday at the local Farmer's Market. I drive by this daily, but Saturday is the day when all of the color comes out. I intentionally left out any people—thinking that would simplify things. Of course I included every flower and shingle. I am very happy with the outcome.

The second I painted yesterday in Oxford at Cutts and Case Boatbuilders. This scene has been painted many times by local and national plein air painters. So perhaps it is a bit trite. I don't care. I was joined by a little 6 year old girl on her bike "Daisy" for a good bit of the time. Ed Cutts came out later in the day offering great conversation and the best bottle of water I've had in a while. We went to the same high school and caught up a bit.

My wife observed that I really enjoyed the social aspect of this kind of painting. I agree. I mostly work alone and this is a refreshing change. I had lots of interesting and delightful conversations.

The show begins on Friday, with awards at 7pm. The big prize is that the top 3 get entered into the big Plein Air painting competition later in the summer. Check out the Avalon Foundation for more on this.

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