Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chesapeake College Art Show and Sale

I dropped off the Grazing Belties yesterday afternoon for the 33rd Annual Chesapeake College Art Show and Sale. They were beginning to get the 131 pieces of art together and hang the show, so I breezed around seeing what was there.
There were a couple of interesting paintings in the oil/acrylic category. Two that caught my eye were a painting of an outcropping of river rocks and a painting of a sand dune. Both were very colorful representations of very monochromatic subjects. Both artists embued the images with lots of purples, greens, blues, and reds while maintaining a sense of the greyness. Pretty cool.

I enjoyed seeing some of the watercolors and photographs as well.

The show has a category for computer generated art. I should have entered something in that category, but I was unclear as to what was included. I talked with the event promoter about the criteria, because it seemed that it was about Photoshopping photographs.
She said they really didn't have any criteria, just that it was original and was generated by a computer. She showed me an image that was some bouys that had been run through the watercolor filter. It was ok, but still had very little art applied to a pretty nice photograph.
She invited me to help define criteria for next year's event. I will have to think about that. I told her that my very talented friend Greg would be a good person to discuss this with as well. He is accomplished at both traditional and electronic creation of art.

I look forward to the show. I hope the cows sell, but I would enjoy having them around as well.

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