Friday, June 14, 2013

Arts in Easton Banners for 2013-2014

For the past couple of months I have been working on some projects, but haven't really had time to put them up here. I did my annual lacrosse drawings, but didn't have time to photograph them. My big projects have been working on graphics for my daughter's wedding (I will add in another post soon) and my banner paintings for the Arts in Easton Banner program hosted by the Avalon Foundation. I will post the link when it is up so you can go online and bid for my banners.

This time around I debated several subjects and wanted to do something that would be appropriate for the town and surrounding area. I also wanted to paint something that would be a little different. So I painted a huge Bufflehead duck.

The purple and green color on the head has interested me for a long time. I really stressed the eye and beak and tried to catch the stillness of some cool water where only the duck is creating movement.

The other side (they separate them when it comes time to auction) of the banner was a little more in my wheelhouse. I did a small painting of the same subject a while ago, but changed the composition to suit a more horizontal image. I treated the water and sand very differently in this version, but the pup remained pretty much as is.

The second side is called "Sand, Surf, a Fur."

This banner will hang, along with many others, around the town of Easton, MD for the most part of the next year. Then they will be cleaned and auctioned where a portion of the revenue goes to the Avalon Foundation and the rest to ME! Online bidding is encouraged once it is opened.

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