Monday, December 27, 2010

Busy Christmas

I had to wait until after Christmas to post a couple of pieces that I completed. This is Dover. I have used another pooch from this customer for a long time—Normandy, the black lab. I also did another dog—Beau—for my daughter's boyfriend. I will post that later as I don't have the picture downloaded yet.

I also did a house drawing, but had to do it so quickly that I wasn't able to get a scan. Bummer.

I've been working on an illustration for a book, but I will have to see if anyone will be bothered by my posting the illustration before the pitch.

So, very busy, just not able to share much visually. I will be firing up the painting effort with my new easle! (Christmas goodie from my girlfriend of 31 years) I have a commission first, then start working on paintings for next year's BFA.

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